Mini Monday

Mini Monday: My Favorite School Supplies

This is a series on this blog I am starting called “Mini Monday”! They are shorter posts that publish every Monday.

G2 0.38 Pens

They write so smoothly and beautifully. I use .38 because I like the thin point and the ink dries more quickly. I find that .7 and .5 smear a bit too much.


Uni-ball Jetstream .38

These are great when I don’t want to use a gel pen. I use them for my journal.

Five Star 5 Subject Advanced Notebook

These are perfect for me because I like having all the things I need in one place. I love the removable pockets and the fabric cover the the spiral.

Clear expandable file

Same reason as above.


Mochithings Two Way Dual Deco Pens (Regular and Pastel)

I love using these for color coding my planner and for making my journal colorful.


Mochithings Better Together Grid Notebook

This is what I use as my “reporter’s notebook.” I take notes at school events on it, as well as interview notes for my journalist job at school.


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